Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Greats & Lucy.

Great Grandma Campbell

This past weekend we tried to visit our grandparents/great grandparents. We sadly weren't able to make it to Grandma Donna's, our schedule was insane and we just weren't able to make it work. Were hoping to make another trip down this month to visit her. Hopefully the boys will be less busy and we can get pictures with them too.

4 generations. 

Great Grandma Roberts

Grandma Roberts

Great Grandpa Roberts

Thanks grandparents for indulging me, and letting me take pictures. I think its so special that my kids have great grandparents and are making memories with them. 

I remember my great grandpa Campbell having a money jar and we all got to take a handful of it! My kids will have memories of their great grandma Campbell having a bucket of hot wheels and they get to take one or two home after a visit. 

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