Tuesday, June 29, 2010

laundry & pregnancy


SO i haven’t had any weird craving for food or any  kind of cravings for food. My weird thing is – i can’t get enough of the smell of laundry. I always want to be doing the laundry just so i can smell the clothes. i don't think our laundry has ever been this well kept.I love the smell of Gain mixed with Oxy power, on wet clothes. If i could convince Scensty to make a new smell i think this would be the winner! I use to hate walking down the laundry isles in Wal-Mart because they smelt so strong – now i walk down the isle even if i don't have to.

What’s some of the weird things you experienced while being pregnant? Cravings, urges or even things that irritated you?


  1. ORANGE JUICE! I love orange juice...i seriously chug the stuff back. Sometimes is KD (kraft dinner), but before i was prego i hated the stuff. :)

  2. at least your getting lots of vitamin c right? hopefully it means you wont get sick!

  3. I never really drink milk straight when I'm not prego...but can't get enough of it when I am.

    And when I was pregnant with Renae, Darren used Irish Spring soap for a bit and it made me want to barf every time I smelled him...so he quit using it pretty quick, lol.