Thursday, August 19, 2010

{the momma life} {one month old} {my sista}

this post will be broken up into 2 random blogs:

Oh how my world has changed. I absolutely love it! Dont get me wrong when i have had 2 hours of sleep 4 nights in a row and its 4am and its the 3rd feeding of the night im not thinking i LOVE this. Im thinking its gonna get better i know it! for the past 2 days i have ventured out of the house by myself for more then just 10 mins. i have such a huge fear of having a screaming baby in a store so if i can’t time levi’s feedings and naps just right i dont go out. im trying to over come this fear. so needless to say im so PROUD of myself for doing 2 days in a row! we are also spoiled that levi can breastfeed and bottle feed, we know not alot of babies will not do this. YAY for Levi! here’s a picture of him looking way to big for being a month old today.




For those of you who are close to me know that since i have been on mat leave i tend to do everything with my sista! in 2 weeks she will be moving to edmonton and it makes me so sad. Im happy that they are moving so her hubby can finish school and hopefully come down and teach here :) BUT. .  we have both been on mat leave and being such domestic divas! we would even do our errands together. I wish we would have taken pictures of us do all our sewing projects together and crafts. this is a super old picture but i love it! THANKS for being such a great sister!



I dont know what i will do with all my time now? Maybe clean more :) i’ll miss ya lots!


  1. It's crazy how much life changes with a baby! But I can totally relate. Don't worry - the sleep thing gets better. Isn't it just crazy how fast time goes??