Friday, August 27, 2010

this might seem weird or creepy but im still gonna blog it...

i had a bittersweet moment this morning. first i have to explain that levi likes to be held in the weirdest positions he hates being cradled or being rocked. he likes to have his legs bent or being bounced high into the air. weird i know! well this morning he started to whine a little and i picked him up and just put him in the cradling position so i could grab his soother and blanket when all of a sudden (insert drum roll) he stopped fussing. so i just kept rocking him ahhh such a mothers bliss when a baby falls asleep in your arms. while i was rocking him i looked out the window to see the ambulance at my next door neighbors house. i have only talked to Mary twice since we have lived here. I feel like i know her tho, maybe because i make up stories about her life. she is probably 70ish and lives by herself. there is a man that comes over quite frequently and they like to sit at the dinner table to chat. i have declared this man to be her boyfriend, its probably her brother but a bf is much more exciting to me. he mows her lawn for her every week, doesn't that seem more sweet as a boyfriend?? anywho this is going somewhere i promise. it was so sad to watch them roll her out to the ambulance ( yes i was a noisy neighbor and watched between the blinds ). here i was having such a moment with levi and forgetting about all my worries and stresses, forgetting that the world still moves on. its kinda an aha moment as oprah would call it.
i get so wrapped up in my world of all my stresses and worries, when i could have been doing service for others. im gonna make her a dinner when she gets home and take it over, you can hold me to it!
so thats my bittersweet moment, my baby asleep in my arms and my neighbor going to the hospital. it might seem weird or creepy but it gave me an AHA moment.

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