Thursday, September 9, 2010

quitting facebook?!

{this isn’t meant to offend anyone}

We are thinking of quitting facebook. I am so tired of seeing so many negative comments about one’s life. I want things to be positive and uplifting in our lives. When I am having a hard day with being a new mother nothing is more depressing then seeing someone’s status that is negative about motherhood. This may seem harsh but I can’t stand when people put negative comments about their kids or spouses. yes i have only been a mommy for 7 weeks now but even before i had levi it drove me nuts. i wish i could comment and say keep that to yourself, but instead i guess we might have to just quit facebook.

I truly enjoy blogs and i have found so many that i follow that truly inspire me to be creative, a better wife/mother, a seamstress and anything i want to be. The only thing that stops us from quitting is that there are a lot of cousins who live far away and its the only way we communicate. Yes I am ranting but I am so tired of finding out family news on facebook or hearing the latest gossip. Its frustrating when your news is announced through facebook and you never got to tell people. SO here’s my test to see how many follow our blog, what i want you to do is just comment, even a HI will work. if it comes up anonymous just say “HI {name}”. This way we can follow your blog and keep in contact. Or leave us your email address. Here’s ours . We really want to stay in contact with our friends and family.

ps. to those curious about how the formula is going with Levi let me show you :


(he has been sleeping for 3 hours by the time i took that picture, isn’t he sweet.)


  1. Hey Nysh -- I totally understand the facebook thing -- I've 'tried' to quit a couple of times, but like you said, there are people that I just don't 'see' any other way. One way that I have found that helps to avoid the negativity is to remove people that are negative, or to block them from your news feed so you don't see their updates. Maybe that would help? As for getting family news on there, it's a tricky one... Sometimes I think that it's one way to be fair about who gets the news first? That way nobody gets called last... Who knows? The bottom line is that you get to do what is best for you and your family. :o)

    And congrats on your sleeping baby! Isn't that the best! He is so adorable.

  2. Where did all the comments go? I looked at this post yesterday and you had about 6+. Anyhow I totally agree with you with all of this. I have been thinking of doing the same thing ! And I loved formula feeding Londyn for that same reason. She slept so much better and was full longer. The only down fall I found is that she was SO STINKY ! It was gross :)

  3. Hi Dave & Nysha. Your little boy is adorable. I totally agree with the need for positive postings. Here's a thought for you....I was on a bike ride with a neighbor and she said that we shouldn't complain about our blessings or they will be taken away. (I've been thinking about it and I guess I can't complain about anything....really we have all been so blessed in one way or another.)