Thursday, October 14, 2010


These past 2 weeks have been a bit of a blur and i wanted to quickly jot down what i am thankful for. There has been an event in our lives that happened this past week that has made me truly grateful for eternal families and that Dave and i choose to be married in the temple. I am extremely grateful for parents that know that i have been hurting and keep checking in and making sure im doing okay. i have a wonderful and supportive husband. through thick and thin he is always there, he is my rock and my best friend. i have a healthy son who can always make his parents smile. im grateful to own a home that keeps us warm and dry. im grateful for dave to be able to attend school in a program he is so passionate about. im grateful for all of my grandparents and there concerns and visits. I could go on and on but Levi and I have traveled so much this week, we have been to taber 3 times and to cardston and mountain view once. then again to taber on saturday. so were tired and all i want to do is cuddle up with my bubbs and have a nap. hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.


this kid was so HAPPY to be out of his carseat when we got home today.

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