Wednesday, November 3, 2010

its beginning to look alot like christmas in the murray home.

 Here's Levi helping.
 ( for some reason his hair always looks so red in pictures, its not that red in real life. )
 the start of something miraculous!
 oh boy! you as excited as dave is????
 here she is! our 5 1/2 ft christmas tree in all her glory. aint she a beaut!
just put a bow on this and he's gotta to be our greatest gift ever.
 yep he's sucking his toes, i love how he has a death grip on the left leg!!
 our christmas wreath that cost me a whole dollar from dollarama.
 my favourite decoration. the willow tree nativity set.
Well Christmas has kicked off in our house! We have watched Elf twice and the Polar Express already. I was in charge of the lesson we had for FHE at our friends house and I used this talk. Which related to both our families as we both have young kids. Anywho it talks on how telling stories of christmas time and growing up can teach our children good morals and values. So I am asking what's your favourite christmas memory? 

Mine you ask? 

Well christmas of 07 is one of my favourites. I got engaged 3 days before christmas and my fiance ( now hubby ) surprised me by staying for christmas, after weeks of telling me he would be in edmonton all christmas holidays. I was in hair school at the time and was being a boob about how he "had left to edmonton" that morning, when surprise! he shows up at my school with subway ( my favourite!! ) and roses to say he is staying. he had planned this all along with my parents that he would be staying for christmas and celebrating with us. he had my whole family in on it. i had just been crying that morning because i asked my dad for the millionth time if dave could do christmas with us and he had told me "he wasn't technically family" so NO. i was devastated, the roses and subway made up for all the tears.( ps my dad wasn't serious, it was just a distraction ) we got engaged that night. also that christmas my mom made me a HUGE denim quilt, its our favourite blanket to this day, so warm! its on our bed right now actually.       

So again I ask, what's your favourite memory?


  1. There are a LOT of favorite memories... Christmas is my favorite holiday. The most recent favorite Christmas memory is last Christmas when we got our precious little girl three days before Christmas and arriving home on Christmas Eve. It was such an emotional and exciting time for us that even though there wasn't much under the tree - we had it all.

  2. It's really hard to pin down just ONE memory that is a favorite. I love all the treats at Christmas time -- Making doughnuts and delivering them to neighbors was super fun every year. I love love LOVE to do Secret Santa drop offs, and I think that may be one of my favorite memories since we've been married was the year we were able to do that for some friends of ours -- we loved hiding underneath a pine tree to watch their reaction as they found the pile of stuff outside their door.

    Merry Christmas guys! :o)