Monday, November 1, 2010

{second week down} & {lately}

 Bubbs loves the exersaucer!
 Momma & her stud muffin all ready for church.
 We couldn't stop laughing at Levi in his pumpkin costume.
 Dad & the pumpkin.
 i LOVE this photo!
 We're done, good thing he only wore for 10 minutes to hand out candy to the trick or treaters.

Our halloween ended up being quite uneventful! We got about 12 or so trick or treaters this year, which is more then last year! We dressed Levi up for about 10 minutes to hand out candy. He wasn't very excited about his costume, maybe it didn't help that his parents were laughing at it. I still think he made the cutest pumpkin. Our decorations are coming down today and Christmas is going up this week. Bring on the Christmas music and movies!

Second Week.

The second week was TOUGH! It was a very emotional week for me which made it hard to constantly make good decisions. Thank heavens for my healthy buddy, she really gives me the motivation! Im now down a total of 6 pounds in my 2 weeks. Im not sharing to brag im sharing to hold me to my weight loss goal! Its 50% off at Thrift Village on Nov.15 so my goal is to be down a pant size so i can get a new pair of pants. The pair I have now are getting loose, I can't wait to get a new pair! 


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  1. Who did you get to be your healthy buddy? I wish I could say I'd be with you on this, but with all this halloween candy floating around, I think I'd just be setting myself up for failure!

    Good for you and losing weight, feels so good--here's hoping that watching your success will spur me on to be more healthy too!