Sunday, October 31, 2010

a night to remember..

Dave and I squished our little family of three into the truck to head out to mountain view. On the way home we barely made it out of Cardston before Levi started to get upset. So we had to pull over to calm him down. By this time it was 9:30 at night and fairly dark. We put the hazards on and tried to soothe him. We could not get him to calm down. 3 people pulled over to check and see if we were okay.  Which we thought was very kind. The first person walked up to the truck and so Dave rolled down the window, the guy asked if we were okay. Yep! Just trying to calm down our baby, he smiles and got back into his car and drove away. This guy is actually someone i went to YSA with, so that was kinda funny. Second guy just slowed down on the road and rolled down his window and asked if we need help. Dave at this point had gotten Levi to sleep and all this commotion woke him back up. So Dave told the guy were just trying to calm our baby. the guy laughs and tells us good luck! We chuckled at that. the third guy pulled over in a big hauling truck. he gets out and starts walking towards us, coffee in hand and trucker hat on his head. i was quite nervous!  it just seemed eerie the way he was walking towards us. we had just gotten Levi to sleep for the second time, so Dave gets out of the vehicle to go say thanks but were okay. again this woke Levi up for the second time. bah! by this point we had been pulled over for 30 minutes and didn't want anyone to stop and ask us if we needed help. we really appreciate the kindness but it kept waking Levi up. so we finally just strapped him back in the car seat and hoped somehow he would calm down. he did after about 10 minutes on the road he finally took his bottle and then feel asleep. so our 2 hour drive squished into the truck will definitely be a night to remember.

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