Monday, November 29, 2010

kickin the habit!



We are now a soother free home. A week and a half ago Levi all of sudden decided he didn’t need a soother anymore. At first I was so excited, we wouldn’t have a toddler still sucking on a soother!! Now it takes twice as long to go to sleep, we just cuddle and rock to sleep. It is getting better tho.


This was when he was a few days old, he always started out wanting to hold his bottle. Now he almost holds it himself every time.


He’s gonna hate this picture when he’s older but I love his face. Look how happy he is to be naked! This kid loves getting naked. We were having a little “airing out time” and I had to get a picture of those back rolls and cute little bum cheeks.

PS. 26 days till Christmas and only 10 days of school left for Dave!

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  1. He is definitely adorable! :o) I loved how smiley he was today... do I get the 'favorite auntie' title!?? Haha. Thanks again for the visit & etc this morning -- you're the best!