Thursday, December 30, 2010

our holidays.

Some of the pictures are sideways and for some reason I can’t get them to flip, sorry if your neck is sore after looking through all the pictures.


Dave and Levi Christmas Sunday.


Levi and his gorgeous eyes.


Mommy and Levi Christmas Sunday.


We celebrated our Christmas morning on Christmas eve morning so we could head out to Mountain View and surprise everyone that we came for their Christmas morning. I'm so glad we decided to do our own Christmas. It was just us 3 and it was so relaxing and quiet. We got to go at our own pace and just enjoy one another. It was a small Christmas for us but we enjoyed it more then any of our past Christmas's.



Levi unwrapped presents like a pro. We were absolutely amazed at how fast he got the concept and just pulled off the wrapping paper, because all he wanted was to eat it.




Levi crashed after he opened his presents. Here’s the gifts he received from santa and 2 of his great grandmas.


I got a bunch of clothes, and all that candy was in a scavenger hunt around the house. Then once I found it all I had to open them in order, Santa (aka Dave) had put them into a candy gram.


Dave’s big present was to be able to go snowboarding while we were out at Kimberly.


We couldn’t help but put Levi into his new sled while he was sleeping.

Christmas eve was one of the best days. After opening presents we got ready for the rest of the day and started to get packed for the cabin and mountain view. We headed out to taber at 3 to go ice skating on the outdoor rink. Then we headed out to barnwell to my aunt’s traditional christmas eve party. We had fondue for supper and desert. YUM! then we did a program/talent show and played a bunch of games. We got home around 11 and still needed to pack the rest of the stuff for our trip but were tired. So off to bed we went. Levi woke up at 2:30am to eat in the night and once he went back to bed I just stayed up and finished packing. Then I woke dave up and he loaded the car up. We left at 5:30am for mountain view to go surprise everyone. We got their at 6:30 and everyone was still sleeping??!!!! Needless to say we were both VERY tired and cranky after such little sleep. We watched everyone open presents and then just relaxed the rest of the day.

Sunday Morning after chruch we headed out to Kimberly to go stay at the cabin. It wasn’t as long of a drive as we were expecting so that was a big perk, plus Levi slept a lot of the time. We had an absolute blast at the Cabin! Dave got to go snowboarding with all the guys. We went into town to go explore all the shops and found one of the best thrift stores we have ever seen. Everything was in good condition or new for really cheap. I was finally able to find a baby food processor! We came home yesterday late afternoon and still haven’t unpacked. Who knew that relaxing could be so tiring? Now we have to find the motivation to unpack and do our laundry. Thanks again momma and pops for the cabin trip!

The pictures at the cabin:


Grandma & Grandpa Roberts with their 4 grandchildren in the pj’s from them. They are the cutest sock monkey pj’s!


Uncle Justin with the 2 boys.



Darren & Laura.


Auntie Lei Lani playing with Benson & Renae.


Uncle Justin with Micah. Micah has to be one the best babies, he hardly cries and I think that’s why justin was always holding him. Plus look how cute he is!!


Levi trying to kiss Micah.


Micah showing what he really thinks!


Our last night at the cabin the boys played cards into the wee hours of the night.

chubby boys.

We had to get a picture of all these boys! Its one of my favorites from the whole trip. Look at all that rolly polly goodness. Benson (1yr old.) Micah (2 mon old.) Levi (5 mon old.)

Darren took a bunch of family photos and I can’t wait to see how they turned out.

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