Thursday, January 6, 2011

from a baby to a big boy.

Seriously this past week my baby grew up into a little boy. I dunno how it happened, maybe I missed the growth spurt or maybe its that one little tooth that came through?? But somehow BAM Levi isn’t a baby anymore.

He now sits in a booster seat to eat. He has started eating more solids. He all of a sudden has a love for faces, he can’t stop touching our cheeks, nose, lips and eyes. He's discovering everything and can’t stop taking in the world. He wants everything we have in our hands. The remote, our food, our drinks, the laptop and anything he can reach. He’s trying to crawl so badly, but rolls everywhere instead. He no longer hates water.

In 2 weeks he will be 6 months and maybe that’s why he’s not a little boy anymore.


Look at those eyes!! They are a gorgeous grey color with specs of brown coming through.


First time trying MUM MUM’s.


Daddy and Levi.

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  1. He is definitely an adorable little boy. It's amazing how fast they grow! Ben just turned 4 months old this week and I'm still trying to figure out how it could go by so quickly!