Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March / Numbers / School

I can't wait till April -
That may sound super negative but its not, here's why:   3 more weeks until the LRPS make their decision on who will be hired on. So our life is in such limbo! We don't know what or summer will be like. They have started background checks and he has an appointment with the Psychiatrist on the 17th ( everyone has to meet with him before being hired ). Its getting so close! But somehow it feels so far away!

Its our 3rd anniversary this month and I've been thinking alot about numbers, here they are:

                                               - Obviously married 3 years.
                                         - Owned our house for 20 months.
                                                                 - Have a 8 month old.
                                        - Known each other for 40 months.
                                                                - Lived in 5 different places together.
                              - I have lived in Canada for 12 1/2 years.
             - Dave has been home off his mission 3 1/2 years.
                                                                   - Owned 4 different cars.
                                                                      - Have 2 kitties.
                                                                     - Have 19 nieces and nephews.
                                                          & a lot of love for each other.

       Im VERY excited to think of the prospect of going back to school. We have been discussing quite a bit of me going back to school!! IF Dave gets hired on I will be going back to school later this year. I am so very excited. I hope to be taking Medical Assistant at Reeves College. They offer an accelerated 2 year program into 9 months. Its Mon-Fri 1-5pm. I can't wait. The reason its an IF is because we both can't be in school and pay for daycare/babysitting.

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tub time.

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