Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 month old, already!!


I haven’t done a “_____ months” post in awhile. Levi is now 9 months old and it just boggles my mind to how much they learn. He’s crawling every where and into everything and we LOVE it! He’s much happier being independent.

Levi’s favourites:

- pears & peaches.

- dragging his monkey with him.

- boxes!

- chasing the cats.

- snow.

- bouncing on his knees.

- his basketball & blocks.

Levi is getting so good at self feeding! Since we started homo milk he’s hungrier to sit down and eat, YAY! This has made things much easier, he just eats when we eat. Since we started “sleep training” he’s been napping better and sleeping better.He’s also cut 3, yes THREE teeth this week. What a champ! He now has 7 teeth, thank heavens for the teething necklaces!

Levi has even started to learn to have to share, he doesn’t really understand the concept yet but we are trying to teach him. He plays so well with other kids. Yesterday we were at our friend house and their 2 year old has a mini trampoline and Levi kept wanting on it. All of a sudden he was getting up on it, we were shocked! now he’s climbing things! We are loving this stage of “Bumps and Bruises”.


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