Monday, June 27, 2011

black and white....

since levi doesn't know any better he got to use his birthday present today.. it was a pool!! he didn't know what to do at first.. but soon as i helped him in he was in l.o.v.e. . . . 

he's now 11 months old and i say this all the time but i seriously don't know how this happened. his personality is blooming all the time.
claps for everything
folds his arms
cuddles when you ask for a cuddle ( yes it may only be for 2 seconds but hey its a cuddle )
has learned his mattress is bouncy
dances when he hears music
can stand on his own
has taken a few steps
discovered sharing isn't that fun
has such a gentle heart

part of me is ready for him to be one. that part is because i don't want to delay him or hold him back just to keep him my baby. the other half of me knows that soon as he's walking he will be mr.independent.

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