Thursday, September 22, 2011

life as a mom & 14 months old!

a conversation that took place with someone who isn't a mom, 2 days ago { true story }
so & so: how was your morning?
me: its been great!
so & so: really?? how so?
me: well i was reading books with Levi this morning and I asked him to go get a book and then bring it back to me. once we finished the book i asked him to put it back. and he did exactly as i told him. he shoved the book right back onto his book shelf before grabbing another one.
so & so: seriously, thats why?
me: oh and he also signed that he was "all done" in the tub before he got out.
so & so: so thats the life of a mom eh? doesn't sound very exciting.
{maybe i should have told her that he also pooped in the tub twice that morning and thats why he was "all done".}
me: yes thats my life, those little triumphs are what make me so happy.

14 months is a very toddlerish age, might be because hes our first toddler. but wowza's hes all grown up. he's learned
he has swagger: walk really fast and then real slow. walk 2 small steps and one giant hop. bounce when he walks. doing all of this while smiling at us, like"hey mom are you watching"?
he can call DJ: the other morning when he woke up he started patting his leg and saying deeejaaa. wonder where he's seen that?
dancing: no more just bouncing, were full out moving the arms and tapping the feet and if your lucky a bum wiggle. soon as he hears music he's moving, even if its a hymn in church.
independent: he's always been like this but more so now then ever. if he could change his own diaper he would.
TV: we went to edmonton and took a portable dvd player (thanks mom & dad roberts) and he didn't watch it tons on the way up and back but since that trip he's discovered cartoons.
words: mom, dad. meemaw (grandma), more, DJ, please.
tippy toes: he can dance on them, walk on them and reach everything with them.
climb: he tries to climb in and out of the crib, baskets and the tub. he tries to get in the toy box, up on the table, ride the dog, get on our bed, sit in chairs.

there's just so much personality in a 22 pound body and sometimes we think its so overwhelming that maybe thats what causes the temper tantrums. or maybe its the language barrier, lack of sleep ( him and I ), hungry, bored etc..? whatever it is we sure love this developing personality.

this is back when we were puppy sitting, this is how much he loves having a dog and dancing.

ps. 5 gold stars to whoever guesses the theme song in the background.

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