Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Levi had his valentines party at school and was convinced yesterday was Valentines so we did our dinner and little gifts last night.

I finally found an excuse to use the silhouette and made Levis valentines and gave out bubbles this year. His classmates were pretty excited, and Levi loved being able to hand them out.

We had pink pancakes, heart shaped bacon, scrambled eggs and Shirley Temples. Our exchange student thought it was so fun and was shocked we got her a gift. She is so polite and always thankful.

The boys got anew coloring book and some "Planes" toys. Dollarama has the metal die cast cars for $3 instead of $10 at walmart, woohoo!

and of course Levi being silly..

We got Ai some warm socks since she always has those hot paws in her pockets and shoes, ha!  Her own mug, she has hot chocolate every day after school and tea almost every night. And some of her favourite treats.

It wasn't anything fancy but I feel like despite still being sick and having bad headaches Im slowly getting my groove back. 

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