Wednesday, October 26, 2011

15 months old.

Levi is 15 months old, that's 1 and a 1/4. That's a quarter of the way to 2. Holy Smokes! This week I've seen some huge improvements! This may sound horrible but this is my favourite  thing, finding a discipline that works. "Do you want to go sit on the chair?" Its not completely perfected but he does hate sitting on that chair. The funny thing is its my old chair my mom painted for me:

Soon it shall be painted and labeled the "time out" chair.
But back to Levi..
He's at a really fun stage right, pushing and hitting. Everyone tells me its the age, I hope its true and not just them being polite. It makes me sad that my little boy has learned to hit and push, he never did this till a few weeks ago. On a happy note though, he has discovered please and thank you. Happy 15 months munchkin!

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