Friday, December 30, 2011


Im not one to be attached to memories, probably cause I have a terrible memory. Dave has an amazing memory and loves to look through old photos and talk about our first date or a trip we took. If we didn't have photos I wouldn't be able to remember.
I was born in Germany but have no recollection of it but thanks to my parents and the pictures they took I feel like I have a piece of it. I love that Dave an I take a million photos. Levi won't remember this age but because we've taken so many photos he'll be able to have a piece of his history.
He won't remember that he dressed up as chicken for Halloween. Or that DJ had puppies that he loved to share his toy's and food with. That he was soo cuddly when he was sick. He wont remember that we'd take him to go see the temple and he'd love to run on the lawn.
Flipping through pictures on my phone make me so grateful for all the pictures we take and iPhones for having such a good camera in them :)

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