Sunday, January 8, 2012

18 months.

(well not for 11 days but close enough)
- loves discovering things: opening doors, locking doors, cooking, how blocks connect
- talking now: mom, dad, dj, kitty, more, NO, YA, movie, all done, tub, help, gmama, papa, baby, play, come, shoes and pretty much repeats anything you ask him too.
-he can run like there's no tomorrow. 
-loves to cover his mouth when he laughs or coughs, and yes we laugh every time.
- his hair seems to be darkening and getting curlier.
- loves babies
- started nursery today, wahoo!
- tells me everytime he goes potty in his diaper. now asks to go potty on the potty. I am thinking it might be time to start training?? 
- the night terrors have seemed to stop and he seems to be sleeping better.
- when he says "no" he shakes his finger at us, its funny now. might not be later.
- uses utensils really well.
- has really good manners
- DJ is his best friend
- know most of his body parts (toes, fingers, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, belly, belly button)
-loves blocks and stickers!

We love this kid to pieces and he's always cracking us up. We love how much personality he has, he's very smart and knows he's funny. We love how much he loves DJ.

So speaking of potty training, anyone have any tips?

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