Sunday, January 29, 2012

hey dave, remember . . .

Its putting my photos in the wrong order?
This month has been quite the month to reflect back on some of the ups and downs of the past 4 years. We've had to relive some of the downs but we've also got to see more happy times.

 when you built the shed, all those long hours.
 we found out it was a BOY!
 we landscaped our yard.
 we went to the star trek museum.
 when pregnancy turned me into an elephant.
 the time we went camping at  38 weeks pregnant.
 4 days before we had levi.
 13 hours of labour. July 19th 7:35pm 8lbs 5oz. 21 1/2" long. Levi Douglas Murray.
 a perfect precious little boy.
 we took a million pictures of levi.
 that levi hated his car seat, and we'd have to pull over on the highway and swing him to sleep.
 the day we found out we were expecting Levi.
 when we went camping in june and it blizzard.
 that terrible haircut i had.
 sledding at the sugar bowl.
 our first date in calgary.
 the night we danced and you proposed
 March 21, 2008- sealed for eternity
the 2nd place we lived in, the yard was a jungle.
when you found out I wasn't an outdoorsy type of gal.

 Levi's first christmas

 levi ate dirt, and I panicked.
 Levi got a pool for his birthday, he was in heaven!
 Levi turned one!
 when we adopted a dog and she had puppies 3 weeks later??
 levi was a chicken for halloween.
 your grad party!

when these big brown eyes melt your heart.

I wouldn't trade anything to be where I am at today. I love being a mommy, wife, and your best friend.
Love you, and can't believe its almost been 4 years!


  1. I think I finally figured out how to comment on a blog. Awesome memory lane. I hope the good times always overpower the rough ones. Love you guys. Love Mom Murray

  2. Had to laugh at a few of those pictures!! Good memories!!