Thursday, February 9, 2012

proud, really really proud!

Daves been working so much lately that not a lot of people (besides coworkers) have seen him lately. Its gonna be a shock when you do see him. I need to brag about something, Daves lost almost 30 pounds, and down 2 pant sizes!! Our big goal this year was to get healthy. Loosing weight is of course a perk of getting healthy. We have learned so much! 
We've learned:
portion control
to count calories
to control sodium
to cut out sugar
30 mins of exercise isn't that hard
to bake more, fry less
veggies, veggies, veggies
no fast food is good food
eating healthy isn't more expensive, because your eating less portions

We've changed so much about our lifestyle and its amazing how much we've really enjoyed this. We still haven't eaten fast food! We get headaches if we have too much sugar, and feel sick if we eat too much. For Dave its more physical then anything, portion control and exercising. For me its almost all mental emotional/bored eating, and learning I can find time to exercise and make healthy meals.

Im blogging this to say how proud I am of Dave. That having him on this journey really does make it so much easier for us as a family. We hope that by making these big changes we will be able to start Levi off with good habits and skills to be healthy.

So 6 weeks in:
no fast food
daves down 28lbs 
nyshas down 12 pounds

If your curious to what were using to count calories go check this OUT!! We really love it, its so eye opening!
Did you know a slice of cheese cake from cheese cake cafe has 1800 calories?? That's your daily intake!
( I'll update in another 6 weeks)

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  1. AWESOME!!! I am so proud of you guys! That's seriously amazing. I definitely could do better at getting more exercise in -- I got a 4.5km run in this morning though (outside, even!!) so I was proud of myself for kicking my butt out the door! We need to have you guys over sometime soon! Let me know when works for you!!