Tuesday, February 14, 2012

at least its not "stuart little". . .

Our lives focus around one thing right now. If its 4 am, 7pm, 1pm or anytime of the day for that matter. Levi wants to watch "despicable me". He wakes up in the night asking to watch it, as soon as he wakes up in the morning, soon as the credits roll he asks for "mooor gru"! I'm writing this down just because when this phase is over it'll be funny, right now its not. One of my friends in the ward came up to me laughing saying she heard levi is obsessed with the movie. Then she proceeded to tell me her oldest was obsessed with "Stuart Little" when he was Levi's age. So it could be worse, at least despicable me is a cute show.

So here's Levi at 7am after being up for 3 hours of fighting off the movie, I finally caved and let him watch it. Look how tired he is?! If only he understood that he's momma would be less cranky with more sleep at night. He's will 19 months old this week and still a terrible a sleeper, it may possibly be my fault since I have the hardest time letting him cry it out. Here's hoping tonight I can get a little more then 4 hours like last night!

Happy Valentines Day from the Murray family!

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