Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Levi started gymnastics today. He was in paradise! Jumping, climbing, running and more jumping. It could not get any better for him. I snapped a few pictures with my phone, so they aren't the best quality and they're blurry because he literally didn't stop moving for the 45 mins!

 We arrived a few minutes early so I could show levi that we listen to our coach and follow what she says. He was soo excited! Its a pretty amazing facility.

 He loved the big foam pit!

 Levi telling me how fun it was. He even got a sucker for being good.

Levi had to learn to stretch out his body. To go across the beam sideways, with ice cream scoop feet, and bear crawling. He learned to hop on the trampoline like a bunny, to crab walk on it and to jump really high with hands in the air. Then he got to play in the BIG foam pit! Levi was smiles the whole time and was asleep before we were a block away!

All the moms are pregnant in our group so it should more and more interesting as the weeks go watching us all chase our kids. At the beginning when all the kids were running around we all looked at each other thinking what did we get ourselves into! I am so grateful for the Child Care Subsidy we were able to get to help us put Levi in such a wonderful class.

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