Thursday, May 9, 2013

Picture over load.

 Levi helping Dave mow the "beautiful" front lawn.
 Levi likes to leave toys on Will. This time it was a dinosaur devouring those delicious thighs.
 "mom take my picture with my pack pack on"
 Oh Will you handsome devil you.
 First bath where Will isn't screaming!

 This kid is SO smiley, when he isn't having a hard pooping he's the happiest kid.
 Uncle Justin got the cutest giggles and smiles out of Will.
 Summer haircut and a silly face.
 When did he learn how to make faces?!
 Thanks auntie lou for the cute outfit!
 The boys ready for church.
 Wheres Will? Levi's favourite game.
 "mom take a picture of baby Will eating my knee"
Enjoying my sweet $5 kijiji playmat.

Dave worked 136 hours in two weeks and worked while doing his final exams. So needless to say life wasn't too busy for me with the kids at home.


  1. Awesome! My favourite pic is the one of Will fresh out of the bath and he looks so shocked, like what the heck just happened!! Elena loves the bath but hates when she has to get out!

    1. I don't know why Will hates them but we can take him swimming and he just loves it!