Friday, September 27, 2013

One tough little guy.

Wills been having a tough go of things for the last 6 weeks or so. Teething, a bout of pink eye, a cold, his tummy troubles. Its been tough, and seemed to be only getting worse. He's always such a happy kid but he was starting to be grouchy, and was getting up every 20 minutes at night. I kid you not, it was all night long. And not just a little fussying and put the soother in, he was screaming and mad and rubbing his face into my chest for 10mins or so till i could calm him down. he's never been a great sleeper but this was out of character all the screaming. 

I took him into the walk in clinic Saturday and told my dr whats been going on. He told me that with the pink eye, wait to give him drops for 5 days or so it'll just irritate his eyes. For his tummy troubles he prescribed a laxative to start helping him have softer bm's. (generally we have to give him a suppository to get him to poop and its awful!) As for the screaming just rotate between advil and tylenol every 4 hours. He was referring me back to the pediatrician to see what we could do about his pooping problems.

Followed all the Dr's orders and things just seemed to be getting worse, I literally was getting no sleep. The pink eye was worse and his stomach seemed more upset. Thankfully Tuesday i got a call saying there was a cancellation with the pediatrician for Thursday morning. Presto!
 We go see the peditrician and everything we've been doing for Will was wrong. The laxative shouldn't have been used for kids 2 and under - causes bloating and cramps. I should have started the drops for pink eye asap! And soon as I said I get zero sleep, she automatically checked his ears. DOUBLE ear infections! She assumes he's had these for at least 2 months by the amount of swelling and the damage. And for Wills pooping problems, he has a floppy bowel. This means he doesn't get the sensation to poop. 

We have drops for the eyes, antibiotics for the ears, pro-biotic for his tummy, and laxative for the pooping issues. We're still to rotate between and advil and Tylenol for a few days till the antibiotics kick in. We started the drops soon as we got home and his eyes are all cleared up! She told me to wait on the laxative till we solve these other issues, I think she could tell I was upset and overwhelmed by all the information. Im blaming the crying on being husband-less and lack of sleep!

We have a check up this weds to make sure the damage done to his ears wont require tubes and surgery isn't needed to repair his ear drums. And we will discuss what procedures we will need to do for Wills floppy bowel. So grateful I got in quickly with our pediatrician and got started on the right course of action.
He's already seeming happier and woke up babbling like he use to. We were only up every hour or so last night. Improvement!

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