Monday, May 26, 2014


Where has this month gone?! Life hasn't been too busy, just enjoying the sunshine! Hard to believe Levi only has one more week of preschool left. Our summer holidays are in a month! We've been in Strathmore two months!

With higher expenses living here I have decided to start babysitting two kids, 1-2 days a week. Im excited and hoping it goes smoothly. It's a 4 year old little boy and a 2 year old little girl. Levi and the little boy play so well together, so it kind of feels like a day long play date.  Since we a 5 seater SUV, its time to upgrade. I am eating my words and mourning that I have to buy a van. Its truly so sad to me. Im sure I'll enjoy it down the road, but for now I'm in denial that I am in that stage of life where I need a van.  We bought a ford freestar, can't live without my keypad (only fords have them).

We also had our home visit and interview to do home-stay students last week. We should find out this week or next who we will be placed with in august.  We're excited! 

This weekend we were down in Mountain View to help the Murray's on a hangar their building and to inspect the explorer (which it failed, boo! But grateful we bought the van!) Sunday after the canada wide stake conference broadcast we headed into Waterton. It was so fun, it's always been our little getaway spot.
We saw a bear super close and had a traffic ram (so punny!).  Cameron lake is still frozen with tons of snow!

Levi is such a hiker, he loves to lead and show us which way is best. He's just like Dave, and it makes us so proud of how well he does. 
 Thanks Laura for lending the backpack! Will doesn't look to excited but he loved it!

Of course we had to take a family picture in front of the falls, just like all the tourists. 

Dave's parents had the quad out at the airport so of course we had to go for a spin. 

Will has become obsessed with horses and cows. I just love this picture. We pulled over and let Will feed the horses. He loved it. He's started doing the animal noises when he sees them, it's pretty adorable. 

We're excited to see what June brings for us! And excited to be planning our holidays!


  1. So glad the carrier worked out! Looks like a sweet Waterton getaway.
    Also, you still owe me a cruise in that sweet ride... ;)

    1. Uh... IKEA trip this week? We can all squish into the van and then we can cruise deer foot,ha!