Friday, July 4, 2014

The zoo - summer holidays & Nysha birthday.

With Dave off this week we've been doing a Staycation. So naturally the zoo was a top priority on the list! The kids had so much fun! Next time we'd make sure we do it before we already had 3 fun days of sun and walking. We were so tired already and Dave and I were pretty burnt from the week. We still managed to do 6 hours there, but by the end we were all done. It was fun to have done the tyrell museum the day before and then do the prehistoric part of the zoo. Levi is really I to dinosaurs right now so he found it really cool!

(I forgot the real camera, dang it! But thank heavens for iPhones!)

 We found an owl enclosure and it made us think of your grandmas whoooo love owls! 

Can you see two? 

Some animals were really close to the glass and the others were all sleeping. Can't really blame them, it was so hot out!

We made the mistake of going to the playground before lunch, next time we will do that after. They absolutely loved it! 

(Doesn't he look way to grown up?)

And we were smart and did penguins last, so nice to cool off! 

After we got home we all just relaxed in our cool basement watching frozen. The only movie Will sits still and watches. 

It was a fun day! Now were trying to re-cooperate and get the house back to sorts! 

I've been completely spoiled by my boys for my birthday. Flowers, a pitcher I've been eyeing for awhile but too cheap to buy it, and the fit bit flex! And Dave made me crepes! 

Thanks boys! 

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