Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 year old Preschool

Levi started a new preschool- again. We got off the wait list and finally into Hope Preschool. We'd been on the wait list since we moved to Strathmore. It's half a block away, I love it! Not that the town here is huge but I was driving all the way across town to a preschool I hadn't fallen in love with. I just didn't ever feel like it's where we we're suppose to be, plus it's hard to top Noah's Ark Preschool in Lethbridge. From the moment we walked into this preschool I could tell it's gonna be a better school. Silly to have so much emotions about a preschool, but this is where we're at in life that a lot of focus goes into this. 

 Could you tell he wasn't nervous? As we we're walking to school he just kept saying to me, "Mom I'm not scared for a new school!" We're so proud of how independent Levi is and how much he loves to learn!

Here's to an awesome pre-k year! 

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