Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving at The Fort.

The Fort.
Southern Alberta Bible Camp
Little bow Lake.

The main lodge with a huge kitchen, bathrooms, dining area, and lounge area.

The weather was perfect. The view spectacular.

 We all arrived for brunch - thanks boys for making it! The grandparents all came out for the day.

 Will was so pleased he found the tv and something to climb on.
 Ringing the dinner bell.

 Bath in the deep sinks.
 We roasted smores and did some branding. 

 We then put kiddos to bed and played with the fire.

Justin throwing flour on to the fire. We eventually ran out of flour and they started to try pancake mix. But that just smelt bad!

We went to church out in Champion.
LeiLani brought crafts for the kids. Will loved it, its the longest he's ever sat still. I kept asking if he was all done and he'd say "NOOOO". 

We snapped a family picture while we were there - since we had everybody in one place at the same time. I'll have to post that another time, thats on Darrens camera. 

Theres a little sandy beach down the hill from the lodge.

How cute are they?!
One of my favourite pictures of the whole weekend.

We had a little family home evening sunday night. Mom put together a really nice video about our family. LL and max did a cute puppet show.

  Levi and I did a little thanksgiving game with the kids.

The Roberts' sang a really cute song that Laura wrote.

It was such a wonderful weekend. Thanks to my parents for putting it all together!! 

Some cute pics of our family we snapped-

 and then Will had, had enough.

 He threw the pumpkin right after this and ran away. Stinker!

 Levi took a really hard fall about an hour before this and bite his lip in two places and bruised his gums. His poor tooth hurt pretty bad. 

 Too bad this one is out of focus but how cute are we?!

 Levi's lip was a little more swollen by this point. And they just wanted to play with their cousins.


  1. Super cute pics of your fam jam!! :) - Melissa

  2. Looks like a fabulous trip!! I love the boys matching sweaters!