Tuesday, June 16, 2015

32 weeks.

8 months, already? Or is it, more of a "thats it"?? I can never decide if it's going faster or slower. I want it here so badly but at the same time Im ok with some more time of just us with 2 kids. Three kids is intimidating!

At my last OB appt she said she wanted to schedule me in for another ultrasound to check growth of baby. I haven't gained any weight and i feel way smaller. Don't look smaller but baby just feels small. Its hard to describe but she isn't kicking my ribs or pushing on my pelvis. I still sleep on my stomach and don't feel that uncomfortable feeling yet. So in my mind I thought it was cause baby was small...

Get to my appt last week and saw the nurse an she asked how I was doing, took my weight/height and BP. Then continued to talk to me about why I was there, apparently I was on track for a big baby. It took me by surprise, I really was convinced that this was a smaller baby. Everything feels different. I took Levi with me, he's been wanting to see pictures of baby sister. Sadly the tech rushed through the whole ultrasound and didn't show him anything. She was quick. Then we were sent to a consultation room, I was feeling quite stressed about it because I have never seen a nurse and a doctor at an ultrasound.

The doctor came in and explained that I was on track for a big baby, at 31 weeks she was over 4lbs, most babies are still between 3-3.5lbs. He showed me a graph of where Levi was for weight when he was born and where Will was, she was above it. I was quite upset, there is nothing wrong with a big baby. I pushed out a 9lb 10oz baby already I could do it again. I was just frustrated that I was convinced she was a smaller baby. This week I had my OB appt and she told me that according to the measurements and charts I was on track for 11-12lb baby. Not a 9-10lb like I had understood. I passed the gestational diabetes test but she's concerned for why I am on track for such a big baby and has me going back and doing the big test this week.  She also talked about an elective cesarean if baby keeps growing at this rate. Its an 85% chance of moms who have an emergency c-section if baby is bigger then 11lbs.

I have another ultrasound for 37 weeks to check growth of baby and then Dave and I will have to make our decision from there. Im really hoping its a huge error, because I still feel like she's small. Or maybe she's still just tucked into a tight little ball. Im trying to just be glad this is the worst news we were given, there is so much worse we could have been told.  We did see some chubby cheeks on the ultrasound, so that makes me excited to have some chub to kiss when she's born.

32 weeks:

-kicking and moving more
-heads down
-have the name picked out, just can't decide between 2 middle names
-if I eat watermelon she goes crazy
-still having lots of braxton hicks
-ankles starting to swell.
-triumphantly still sleeping on my stomach
-set up baby's bassinet in out room & getting ready
-not feeling huge... ha! yet!
-still love the smell of wet laundry

UPDATE: I did the awful, no seriously awful second glucose test. After 12 needles and 2 finger pricks they finished 3 blood samples over 3 hours. I got the results and passed the diabetes test.

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