Monday, June 15, 2015

Busy busy busy.

How come Sunday afternoons are always so crazy... Wrestling with dad!

Trimming wills hair, turned into a buzz. He is sooo wiggly and hates getting his haircut. The boys are ready for summer now! 

Went fishing down at bow lake at the Wyndham and Carseland campground. It's soo nice there, we'll have to try the campground sometime. 

Afterwards we headed out to Chesteremere beach. It was perfect. The boys sat and played forever, no fighting. The water is kind of divided off so it makes it so easy to just sit back and enjoy and let the boys play. Can't wait to go again! 

The face of pure joy. 

I had another ultrasound to check baby's growth and took levi with me. He wanted to see baby sister. Levi loved the waiting room, he sat doing the maze forever. 

Levi started playing soccer last week! It's a bit chaotic, kids just running everywhere and kids crying. Poor Will was so mad, he kept saying "mom, I kick the ball just two minutes!" So hard for him to watch and not get to play. 

Levis been obsessed with catching caterpillars and bugs. He found this butterfly and just loved watching it. 

This past weekend it was daves moms 60th birthday party. They leave for navuoo this week so we got to be there for the setting apart as well. 

Dave set the tent up for the boys and him to camp, ha! The boys lasted till 10pm before we brought them inside. So much giggling and some crying. We all slept in the pilots lounge and poor Will woke up so confused in the night and crawled into bed with Dave. 

In between breakfast and the birthday dinner half the family went hiking. I was wayyy to sore from sleeping on the couch I could barely walk, let alone hike. So Will and I stayed in town and played and got ice cream. 

Our hiker, he is just like his dad! 

Two peas in a pod! 

Everyone that went hiking! What a fun big group! That's only half of daves family!

We've been so busy it seems like time is going fast. I feel like we're cramming in so much before baby girl comes. This weekend Dave has a 5km run with his sisters in Red Deer and the weekend after is the Roberts Reunion. Then my birthday and getting ready for Levis birthday! Also we've slowly been getting ready for baby girl, we've got the first name picked and middle name down to two choices. Everything's washed and folded, bassinet set up and deep cleaning has begun. 

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