Monday, October 5, 2009

the eventful day.

3am: Cub & Rach have a baby girl. Lauren Lois Wolff 7lbs 3oz.

7am: off to the ER to be diagnosed with pneumonia.

3:00pm: Mike & Mel have a baby boy. Mason Michael Atwood 10lbs 7oz.

what a day! we wanted to go see Mike & Mel but we couldnt with me being contagious. Congrats you guys! cant wait to meet all these babys coming into the family. thats now 4/5 of the coming this year. only Leilani is left and shes due dec.21.

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  1. I can so sympathize with having pnuemonia - I hope you recover very soon!! It really does take a lot out of you.... take it easy!!