Wednesday, February 10, 2010

last night was the night! i felt the big kick! ive been feeling it do somersaults and back flips for a few weeks but last night as i was reading i felt it. i had the book sitting on my stomach and then all of sudden my booked moved and i felt that little leg just give me a giant kick ( well not giant i mean how big could it be the baby only weighs a pound! ).

well i might as well give an update of our extremely busy lives. Daves doing amazing in school and hes achieving his goal of grades higher then 90%. we've almost been married for 2 years and he constantly still amazes me and surprises me. he is LOVING school, its a very competitive program. he tells me what he learns everyday and is just so excited about the justice program and all the laws. Its wonderful to see him love to get up at 6am for school.

As for me and baby. were doing well. ive been thoroughly spoiled with this pregnancy and haven't had terrible morning sickness and any weird symptoms. no weird cravings i just want salty foods. I am going to be leaving on medical leave the 15th of march. Ive been having problems with my BP as its been a bit of a rollercoaster while being pregnant. I have normal BP when im not pregnant but my first check up it was high, along with my second. My third checked out to be normal and then my fourth check up it was now low. This is causing me to get very dizzy and light headed. i havent passed out but im getting close. I also start seeing stars alot! the part that worries us is that its happening when im driving now and just sitting on the couch. Part of the blame is my job tho, i stand for 8 hours causing all my blood to pool into my legs. When your pregnant you usually have about 5L of extra fluids so dizziness is normal to an extent. It should only last upto 12-14 weeks and im now 20 so im suppose to start taking it easy. if i start to pass out or black out this causes an oxygen deficiency for the baby and we dont want that!

Ive been able to get lots of crafting done while daves in school and i need to slow down. im gonna run out of things to do on medical leave if i accomplish all now. Im loving the sewing and crafts right now. soon as we know what were having then i can start doing more things that aren't just neutral. we have our ultrasound next thursday and then the following week the doctor will tell us what "it" is. woohoo!

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