Thursday, April 1, 2010

The second u/s.

We had the second u/s yesterday to check up on why i am getting so bog so fast. We won’t have all the results back until i see my doctor next Friday. We have one very uncooperative baby. His face was down (facing my spine) and this resulted in a LONG and PAINFUL u/s. The tech couldn’t get all the pictures and measurements that she needed. So she had to go get another tech to help, i rolled back and forth several times so they could try getting pictures on my side. Still didn’t get any pictures of the face. She said i seemed to be right on track for my due date. We will find out more once i see my doctor because the techs can’t really tell us anything. We didn’t get sent home with any pictures  (dang it!) and we didn’t get to see much of this little guy. Were getting so excited we only have 14 weeks left!

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