Monday, June 14, 2010

Bring it on!



Today we went for a check up and she told us its time to get ready- not that we didn’t know already :) Now we are almost already! I have a bijillion lists of what to pack, to buy and to get done. Crazy to think im almost full term – 4 more days. We’re thinking time to pack the bags and set the crib up. Dave’s doing that right now THANKS! We have the list of who to call/text all ready to go. So if anyone has any advice on what to pack that would be great, I'm just going off of a website.  Hoping that I remember everything. Thankfully we don’t live to far away if I forget anything. We still aren’t 100% on names so go ahead and throw those our way too.

Heres the crib- Thanks to a wonderful auntie for the bedding and awesome mom for finding the crib for FREE!!

IMG_2237 IMG_2238

IMG_2240 IMG_2239


  1. For the hospital...bring...
    -Dave's swimming suit (so he can help in the shower if you choose to use it)
    -Your own pillow (if you have a hard time sleeping with different pillows)
    -Slippers :)
    -anything you find calming (music, massager etc)
    -camera and extra batteries! (We want to see pictures of the baby!!!)
    -comfy clothes to come home in.

    Don't stress too much about what to take though. Most of what you'll need - they have. And you're close enough, someone could get you whatever you forgot. :) Good luck with everything! We're getting really excited for you! :)

  2. *Lypsol
    *a journal or just pen and paper to remember little details
    *FOOD - hospital food sucks and I always was so hungry after and it was always in the middle of the night when there was nothing but toast to have
    *lotion - you might want a foot rub or a back rub

    Let us know - day or night. We are excited to hear the news!!

  3. Thanks guys! I knew moms would already know some secrets of what to pack :)

  4. SO exciting Nysha. Enjoy it all, as much as possible. I'm so excited to see pictures!! Good luck!

  5. I was told to pack a robe and boy did I LOVE that I had one since I was in the hospital for so long ! Good luck, I can't wait :)