Monday, July 5, 2010

an end in sight.

this weekend was pretty disheartening. I kept thinking okay Canada day would be a fun day for a baby. mom’s birthday on independence day baby on Canada day, what fun birthdays! then the 2nd is my mom’s birthday and i kept thinking okay today’s a good day too. our little guys could share his birthday with Grandma Roberts. Nothing – BAH! then Saturday (the 3rd) is my nieces birthday and so i wanted to skip that day.  she should have her own day. Sunday the fourth was my birthday – here we go! lets have him and we can just share birthdays. nope nothing. why do i get these thoughts in my head to excite myself?? So today is the 5th and i thought hmm.. perfect day! we will just do a marathon of birthdays on the Roberts side. well its 5 o’clock and nothings happened so I'm gonna assume its a nope today. Well i had a check up today and she did say that i will get to meet him on or before the 19th! (that is if labour isn’t terribly long) that's 2 weeks from today. if he doesn’t come were gonna induce on the 19th.



we went camping on weds night last week in waterton here’s a few pictures of the fun!


4 in the morning! so t-i-r-e-d…


such a good hubby to get up with me every time i need the bathroom in the night. our campsite wasn’t super close to the washrooms. so since waterton is bear country dave got to be my protector.


our little camper! we love it already!!

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  1. I can totally sympathize about wanting my babies to come when I thought they should. Those babies sure have a mind of their own. I hope the end is nearer than the 19 - we are all excited too!!