Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“all good things come to he who waits.”

I keep reminding myself of this. Actually this week has gone alot better then last week. Maybe cause every morning I want to go into labour so dave doesn’t have to leave for work – he gets a week off when the baby comes! Thanks boss!!


Do you ever have unrealistic thoughts? These are what mine have been lately:

- Maybe since I’ve been having contractions for 2 weeks labour will be a breeze.

- Just cause he’s over due doesn’t mean i couldn’t have a little 6/7 pounder.

- Maybe at my dr’s appointment today she will just say “oh your so uncomfortable, lets just induce today!”

- This little guy wants to make a grand entrance cause he is ridiculously good looking!

- 14 year old girls give birth in Africa without medication so how bad could this really be?

- All of my weight gain is water retention. My ankles are the size of grapefruits and I can’t wait till they go down.

- If he comes out a girl, we will have a good laugh. Poor kid will only have one name choice.

- When you have a baby, cleaning fairies come help you for the first 6 weeks. Well not just cleaning fairies – cooking and cleaning fairies.

I can’t help but think these things this week. I have so much time on my hands. I’ve been trying to stay busy but we can’t drive far and i can’t do much walking. We have been going swimming, hoping the bouncing would help. Dave told me last night i should go off the high dive and then he’ll come… nah i dont think thats gonna work :) Anywho sorry for the rant of me being over due and going stir crazy.


  1. All I can say is I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! I guess my vibes weren't strong enough yesterday... I'm sending better ones today! Love ya!

  2. Being overdue bites the big one, that's for sure. I was only 3 days over but it was the longest three days of my life! Here's hoping that he decides to come soon!!