Sunday, July 25, 2010

so grateful.

i only have a few minutes before dave will be awake so i have to be brief-

dave has done so much work this week and has no fear figuring things out. little levi already has his dad wrapped around his finger! last night dave got up with levi and took him out into the living room so i could sleep. he would come back when its time for levi to eat. i had only been functioning on about 7 hours total this week and he knows how scared i am for him to go back to work monday. so he wanted to make sure im as fully rested as i can be, to function properly. how selfless of him not to worry about him catching up on sleep because he has to go to a hard working job. im so so grateful for an amazing husband i  have and the wonderful father he is to levi. its been the greatest week of our lives and were so  grateful for levi! here’s my favorite picture of daddy smiling: its right after levi was born. (thats our doctor on the right)


heres the proud daddy – levi in the perfect burrito wrap



p.s. i am so grateful for my s-i-l Melissa who was a lifesaver on saturday! thanks for the great advice and helping us new parents.


  1. Both pictures are adorable and I know that Dave is already such a great Daddy. Call if you need anything!

  2. Awe! This is a cute post. You guys are both awesome parents. Nysh - I want to come visit you when you are feeling up to it!