Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a family of three.

On July 19th our world changed forever. We never realized exactly how it would, obviously because your having a baby your becoming parents. What i mean is that we never knew what enormous great change it would be. Our marriage was strengthened and we have a perfect little miracle that leaves us in complete awe every time we look at him. Dave was a superhero through all of this! I love this man more and more everyday!

We headed to the Hospital at 6:40am to be induced, here's our excitement (maybe we were a little nervous):


Once we checked in and headed upstairs, we meet with our DR. When we arrived I was already 1-2 cm dilated so the DR felt confident that the gel would work.


At 7 am she gave me the gel, it worked!! Instantly i was so cramped up!! By noon she came around and checked me, I was now 3cm. WOW 5 hours and only a centimeter. bummmer! We broke my water and waited to see if this would help. YEP! Instantly contractions about 4 mins apart started. after an hour and a half (1:30pm) I asked for morphine. It didn’t do anything for the pain but made me delirious and super quiet. That may have been the worst part of everything. It took 5 times and 3 nurses to get the IV in. The morphine only lasts for about an hour. So after an hour and half of no pain meds I asked for the epidural. I got it within minutes! So at 4:30pm I got the epidural and I was now 5 cm dilated. I was terrified that it was gonna be a long night.  By 5 pm i was fully dilated and it was time to start pushing. All i needed to do was to relax to dilate, cause relaxing while in pain is so easy. The epidural was my best friend!


I was able to talk and laugh during the first 2 hours of pushing. Not that labour is enjoyable by any means but this sure helped. It made me feel human again after 10 hours of constant cramping and contractions. The first 2 hours of pushing weren’t that bad, the last half hour was the kicker. So at 7:35pm little Levi made his entrance into this world. We had such wonderful nurses and an amazing DR who delivered. Dave was absolutely beaming when he saw him for the first time. It was such an amazing experience to go through. I know Dave and I were blessed with how quick and simple my labour went.

We then went to our own room at midnight and the nurse came in and gave him a bath. These woman have no fear! It was 1am and it seemed like she moved at lightening speed and we were trying to remember how we were to do this when we got home. Some how we remembered! Here’s right after his bath, I wanted to catch a picture of his dimple (he got it from his momma). 


No visitors were allowed because it was so late. The next day visiting hours started at 11am and we had so many people who came and showed so much love and support. Wednesday we were discharged at 11:30am. So excited to be home by ourselves in our own house! Were learning so many new things each day and loving this little guy more and more! We appreciate all of the help we have been given from family and friends.


  1. His little dimple is SOOOOOOO cute! You say simple labor? This doesn't sound simple to mee... Maybe makes me put off pregnancy a litttttttle longer! :) Congrats again, you guys are so cute!

  2. Isn't it awesome adding a kiddo to the mix? People were always warning us that "things are going to change" when you have a kid, but no one mentioned that they were such awesome changes! And no kidding, hubbies get SO MUCH CUTER as dads!