Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{insert Adam Sandler voice} a Ferrari for frrrrrreeeeeee . . . . .

Check out our free beauty, okay so shes not a Ferrari but very close.


So you can see she doesn’t really match our living room, but then again what does? Its such a disarray of colors!



Check out the chunky legs with some awesome detail.


SO i need some help.. I want to paint it black and do something funky with the top. If you have any ideas please help!! Something I have thought of doing but have no idea how to do it is: paint the top part white and put pictures on the white background then apply glass over top?? Im not sure how i would go about making that look nice. Please HELP!!!



P.S. Check out this 8 week old stud muffin:




  1. That is an absulutely gorgeous table!! I love it just the way it is, but that is me.... Levi is way toooo cute!!! I can hardly wait until I get to see him more often!

  2. What a handsome little man you have. I think that the table should be left in it's natural color. Ten years from now, it will still look great. If you paint it, the paint may wear off and your color scheme may change. The natural wood color will always be in style. It's a beautiful table.
    Love, Auntie Barb

  3. its got quite a few dings and scratches in it, that why were thinking of painting it.

  4. I love the table, and the black idea...I mean, wood is always good, I really do love natural wood...but I'm not a huge fan of the orange-y wood colour, you know what I mean? That's just me. Whatever you do will be great!
    I have no idea how to do the photo top...Darren says he knows how, he'll comment later.

  5. Hey Nysh -- I love the black idea -- fabulous table!! :o)