Friday, October 1, 2010

here’s a secret for ya…

okay so any hairdresser reading this i apologize in advance, you may loose commission on this statement. as most of you know i am a hair dresser and i just discovered my new favourite conditioner:


i ran out of all my good stuff i stocked up on before i left for mat leave. me being as cheap as i am found this for $2 at dollarama. I've been using it for over a week and my hair has never been so soft. i have insanely thick and very frizzy hair. i haven’t had to flat iron my hair since using it! wahoo! that saves me 20mins every morning.

i just had to share this. how exciting is that!? a $2 conditioner is better then the $40 bottle i was using!



we were seeing if this hat fit yet and he feel asleep. still a little too big. i can’t wait till it fits!

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