Monday, October 11, 2010


Lately I have been thinking a lot of whether or not i want Dave to re-apply for the RCMP. He’s gonna have to start applying soon and so i need to get my butt in gear and figure it out. Here’s my pros & cons list:


-Our children will grow up seeing more then 1 just town.

-We could finally go live on “our own” and make decisions we want without being judged.

-Really good pension.

-We would have the opportunity to see more of Canada.

-Moving around doesn’t bother me, since they do the packing and moving for you.

-Dave loves the sense of brotherhood.

-Its Federal Policing so the wages stay in the top 5 of Canada.

-Great benefits.

-Its something Dave really wants to do and loves.



-Did i mention Depot?? This means Dave would live in Regina Sask. for 6 months training. I would be here in Lethbridge by myself for those 6 months.

-Chance of living in the boonies for 2 years. ( you do get to pick your posting after doing 2 years up north though, 2 years is nothing!)

So all in all i think the pros just might out weigh the cons. We would love to move out of lethbridge and go see Canada. I've now lived in Canada just as long as I've lived in the states and i haven’t moved out of Alberta. Maybe I'm getting some moving fever. We also think it could be the greatest experiences for our kids. I'm glad my family moved around lots growing up, i wasn’t as naive as most kids. I also didn’t grow up my whole life in a “Mormon town” and im grateful for the experiences i had being one of the few lds kids in my school when we lived in the states. Dave and I have been getting very frustrated lately here in Lethbridge and so maybe this is our little shove to re-apply for the RCMP. Who knows? Maybe in a year or two we will see Dave wearing a Stetson and graduating from Depot.


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  1. (D)Why not just move to Regina with'd be closer to us :)...and its not like he would be stationed back in Lethbridge you might as well sell your place and move here....we'll still try and convince LL and Max.