Friday, October 8, 2010

bored on a friday night.

what do you do when your bored? well i needed some change! having a baby sure changes your body, you loose hair, things sag where they aren’t suppose to sag, something's shrink and parts jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle. So a quick fix to my boredom is a haircut. I haven’t been doing much hair since mat leave and have decided not to do any till my mat leave is done. your not suppose to make money while on EI so we have decided to put haircutting on hold to march.

So this is my transformation and i threw in a few tips along the way. Since not doing any hair i miss giving out a few of my favorite things i have learned. so be ready to be wowed, okay maybe not wowed but get excited cause as you can tell i sure am. :)



First i blowed dried my hair using a light serum just to tame my frizzes. i use it the first time when my hair is wet.


Once i blow dried it i flat ironed in sections. you have more control when you use thin sections. grab some clips and pin up sections as you go. the dollar store sells cheap clips that work great. make sure you are always using a heat protection. i love chi products for that.


i part my hair quite far over so when i blow dry my hair i actuallly just comb it all forward and then to the side. this helps give a nice big sweep and volume. if you have fine hair, brush your hair all forward when your drying it.


this is one of my favourite things to get some volume for people who have a hard time backcombing. i dont backcomb my hair for 2 reasons. One its bad for your hair and two i have enough hair for 3 heads, volume isn’t something i want. but to show you how i took a picture. grab a section of hair and lift straight up and spray with hair spray right at your root. then put the can under it (as shown in the picture). This will only work with an aerosol can, they tend to be cold and that is what will set the hairspray in that shape. this is curving your hair and giving a little lift without having to backcomb. Repeat wherever you need volume, you can even do the bangs if you’d like. yay!


So i cut myself short(er) bangs and heavily texturized it. I am growing my hair out so i didn’t touch any length but added some disconnected layers. If your trying to grow yours out but need some change, new layers and some texturizing can be your best friend.


here's the new do. This is more of a shag now. if you want to add a little edge to a haircut don't be afraid to make some cocktails. product cocktails, i love mixing whipped wax  with serum and hairspray just in my hand. create whatever you want and what works for your hair type. 

happy hair days!

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  1. only a hair stylist on maternity leave would think of something creative to write like this!!!!