Monday, November 15, 2010

I caved.

So I finally caved, I know I'm gonna get some serious harassment for this but oh well. I'm coloring my hair this Friday. Since May I have been trying to go all natural, its not working. We have pictures this Saturday and I’m feeling very blah! (Check out our sweet photographer – My Brother!! )So I can’t decide what to do? At least I'm still growing it out right?

So tell me what you think?


I love the warmth of the browns, caramels and blondes.


I love having lots of blonde but is it too much?


This is the cut I like, whatda think?

Heres the color scheme I’ve chosen for our photos, I am still trying to decide if it’s too bland or is it nice and simple and you can go crazy editing?


light blue, tan and a soft cream.

Ps. I am officially down a pant size!!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the pant size! :o) Happy news, eh? And I'm SO excited that Levi is doing better for you -- it's always happy to get a routine down (until it changes, again.... haha -- only speaking from my own experience...)

    Good luck with the pics -- can't wait to see them! And I LOVE the color with the brown, caramel and blonde. Love it.