Friday, November 12, 2010

5 nights in a row, we feel so blessed.

We still aren't sure if Levi's medicine is working 100% yet as he still has some "episodes" but this stuff is magic.

We tried it about 3 weeks ago and he would just puke it all back up. So we attempted it again 5 days ago. We have really been pushing to get Levi in some sort of schedule and the hard work is starting to pay off. 

 I can't feed him fast enough, he loves the stuff. He is so dang smart this little guy, he knows when we start to make it and he gets all excited just like when we make his bottle.
I have a feeling we may get this look a lot when he gets older, but for now i think its too darn cute!

P.S. My adorable Grandma turned 75 this week, it had to be the best surprise party we've ever been too! Happy Birthday Grandma Campbell!

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  1. Rice cereal is such a dream! He is a clean eater! When we feed Ruby her whole face is covered by the end because she is so spazzy. He is so dang cute! Good work you two!