Monday, November 8, 2010

our houdini

We woke up to this:
Can you see that he got out of his swaddler? He also managed to get his arm out of his shirt. HOW?? 
I started laughing when i saw him in his crib this morning! I layed him at the top of his crib last night and when i walked in at 4am he was at the bottom of the crib upside down and squished into a corner. 

ps. i only lost 1 stinkin pound the week! only means i gotta work hard this week to get my new jeans. so im now down a total of 7 pounds!


  1. Nysh, I just got caught up on all your most recent posts. I'm cramming all my comments into one, hope you don't mind!

    K this post made me laugh. Seriously, how did he get his arm out of his sleeve!? Bahaha!

    You are a an awesome mom!...even awesomer for being able to talk honestly about how you're feeling, seriously. I hope that medicine works for Levi! Love you guys.

    Favourite Christmas memory: Christmas in Saipan when my family lived there. We went swimming in the outdoor pool on Christmas day...and I got a little sunburn. Weird that it wasn't a white Christmas, but awesome nonetheless.

  2. Oh yeah...and way to go with eating healthier! Halloween candy and sweet friends bringing treats over because of baby has left me eating more sugary sweets than I care to admit! Keep it up, you're my inspiration ;)