Thursday, December 2, 2010

our world has changed.


Things have changed {for the better}.

Levi USE to scream every time he woke up. NOW he wakes up so smiley and happy.

Levi USE to hate the car seat. Still hates it but NOW falls asleep in the car. This is huge! It would take us 3 times the amount of time it should to get anywhere because he would cry the whole time.

Levi USE to cry a lot. NOW he’s so content and happy most of the time ( minus the times his 2 bottom teeth are bugging him ). Thanks to some wonder medicine. Darn you heartburn, how can you effect such a little boy??

Levi USE to have to be swaddled, bounced and rocked to fall asleep. NOW just these past few days he’s starting to fall asleep on his own.

Levi USE to take a soother. NOW he sucks his thumb, melts my heart every time.

Levi USE to go to anyone. NOW he knows who mom and dad are, and plays a little strange when he can see us and someone else is holding him.

Levi USE to jibber jabber.Which wasn’t bad but NOW he jibber jabbers, giggles, laughs and screams happily.He is the most vocal little 4 month old I know.

Couldn’t ask for a better little boy. Things have really improved this week. So excited to report to the pediatrician that things are improving thanks to the medicine for Levi’s acid reflux. At first we weren’t sure but after a day of forgetting the medicine we can now say its helping.


Ps. I have made 4 batches of ginger snaps this week for neighbors, visiting teachers, family and ourselves of course. Plus were doing some gifts homemade. One gift I’ve been making I thought was going to be simple, I spent over 6 hours on yesterday. Can’t wait to see their face when they open it. We are doing Christmas morning just us 3 and can’t wait. We are starting our own family and want to start our own family traditions. 


What was your favorite tradition growing up?


  1. I am so excited that the medicine is working -- he's such a sweet little boy! How fun to start your own Christmas mornings! We'll be doing that.... someday! Haha -- 2012, to be exact. :o)

  2. Modern medicine...seriously, I'm so glad that it's working for him. It's so nice when they wake up (and stay) happy! :)