Saturday, December 11, 2010

santa's com-ing tooo town, {well he did come to town.}

It was our ward Christmas party last night and we had such a fun time. It we had such a great day! Dave ran the Aprep and he will blog that later. Levi and I went to go watch. It was suppose to start at 11:30am so Levi had woken up at 7:30am yesterday and still had not napped by the time we got to the college. There was so much excitement going on that he didn't nap the 2 hours we were there. soon is it was over he feel asleep for 10 mins in the car. We ran errands for a few hours and he was awake the whole time. When we got home at 3:30pm Levi had still only napped for 10mins, so we assumed he would nap while we were home. Nope only for another 10 min nap. Once we got to the ward supper at 6pm, his eyes were so red and he was just exhausted but again, so much excitement going on that he had to stay awake to watch it all. Santa came to visit at 7:30 so by this point levi had been up for 12 hours. Also I should mention how many times he puked yesterday, he doesn't spit up, he pukes!! like a good 8" - 10"  diameter on the floor, or a better explanation if he pukes on you he will soak all layers and some. So he had puked at least 10 times before we made it to the christmas party. While we were there he puked every where. You'll see the evidence all over his overalls. The reason he is puking is that the pharmacist hasn't filled his medication that helps keep the acid production down and puke production down.

So here's him waiting in line with so much joy!
 This is with Santa, he is so tired we barely got a smile out of him once. He just stared at us.
 You can see the wet overalls, but we just about caught a smile here. We were joking it would have been funny if he pulled off his beard, or puked on Santa. Glad he didn't could have traumatized the other children.

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