Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 months.

Just a quick note about our "double digit" little boy as dave called it! This morning he said Mama, hes been saying it for dave but not for me. oh gosh it just melted my heart! We desperately wish time would slow down, I know my baby isn't a baby anymore. These last 2 weeks have been just the best, even with him still getting up in the night he just is the happiest kid ever! He loves outside, which we love because we are outside constantly. We found a little tikes "barn" that goes outside he was sooo excited! He's been getting better at playing by himself and just being able to be in a room by himself. Makes life absolute bliss.  We seem to just keep loving every stage that's coming and we hope it stays that way!
Right now as I type he found his soothers in the tote where I have been packing all of his baby stuff away and is playing with them. He rarely ever took a soother so it's odd seeing him put them in his mouth.
 Some of his fun new "quirks" are:
- Shakes his right leg when he gets excited, we call it his Elvis leg.
-Very vocal! So loud in stores!
- Waves hi and bye.
- Shares his snacks with us.
- Learned how to chase us and the cats.
- Obsessed with honking our noses.
- Says mom & dad.
-Seriously the worlds greatest smile.
- Shakes his bum when we ask him too.
- Walks with help, with his "mater toy".
Is that not the best teeth filled smile? ( no more goofy teeth:0)

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